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Grant Heger

Project Manager, Web Developer, Artist, and Educator from Bloomington, IN

Hey everyone. I’m Grant Heger and here is a little bit about me:

I currently work as the Technical Project Manager for RideAmigos Corp. I am married to the amazingly talented Melody Eötvös, D.M. You can view her site here melodyeotvos.com.au. We have collaborated on projects in the past and are looking to collaborate upon many more in the future. You can find our story here, grantandmelody.com (and our future collaborations).

I honestly believe that if you don’t stop to see what is around you, you will miss the most beautiful moments of your life

I shoot on a Canon 7D. My favorite lens is my 17-40 f/4 (good backpacking and landscape lens)

Photography services offered: Pretty much everything. I’ve done it all from weddings to food photography to Moto-Cross and everything in between. If I haven’t yet, I’m a quick study and will make it work.

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Technical Project Manager / Front End Engineer

RideAmigos is a national leader of web-based, multi-modal transportation solutions, providing regional commuter networks, multi-modal travel dashboards, certified transportation commute surveys, trip trackers, reward systems, and GIS reporting tools.

The RideAmigos system leverages a highly intuitive, contemporary, interface, and rapid access to all pages and data within a comprehensive system. We offer a modern and natural system where users can actually enjoy their experience and interactions, morphing the generally dreaded commute into something more exciting, and giving a new sense of pride in being part of the change.


Blueline Media Productions

Web Director

Blueline Media Productions is a full service Creative Agency dedicated to honest and passionate branding and storytelling. We put ourselves into everything we do, and are constantly looking for new ways to evolve. It’s not just another job for us. We want to understand your brand, your story, and tell it like it’s our own.


Indiana Education License

K-12 Visual Arts

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Masters of Art Education

Indiana University

The primary goal of art education is not to train students to become practicing artists, but to develop their critical abilities and open them up to new creative possibilities. As such, it is a vital component of every individual’s education.

Dec, 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Studio Art, History of Art)

Indiana University